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Here are some of our most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer here feel free to contact us by email.

Yes of course! You will need to pay the difference in the initial plan set-up and your monthly hosting and maintenance fee may change.

You can downgrade your plan and you will pay the lower monthly hosting and maintenance fee.

You should think carefully before you do this as you will lose out on any premium features that were created and go down to a more basic set of features.

This depends on how busy we are and how complicated your website is. We will aim to have it back to you as quickly as possible, normally within a week.

We are confident that you will love it, but we also understand that no-one know your business like you do. Your website doesn’t go live until you have approved a draft. You can request changes to make it perfect for your needs.

We cannot guarantee where it will rank, a lot may depend on your type of business, for example it is much easier to rank higher with a local business than it is for one that does business internationally.

We follow best SEO practices as we create your website, and we will also give you our free SEO top tips guide so you can help it rank higher.

Our pro package includes analytics and monthly reports on how your website is growing and how customers are interacting with it.

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