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The Man Behind Clear Choice Websites

Sam Peden

Owner and Designer
My background is in small businesses. I set up and grew a successful window cleaning business. Then my wife and I moved to Haiti to do voluntary education work. I worked online as a marketing freelancer and learned a lot about web development.

My wife had been working as an English teacher for many years. During the covid-19 pandemic we decided to join forces and set up our own online teaching company. After investing in creating a website for our teaching business, I decided to turn my attention to helping other online teachers and small businesses obtain a meaningful web presence.

I am trilingual, I love to travel and experience cultures all over the world. I have a degree in language education and a passion for understanding how things work, taking them apart and rebuilding them. If it can be made to work more efficiently I am determined to find a way.

A Bit of History

Clear Choice Websites was founded with the goal to make the power of internet marketing available to independant teachers and small businesses. We create high quality websites at competitive rates and connect you to the people that matter most to you – even internationally.

We are based in Kidderminster, England, but we often travel to Haiti to do voluntary work. We have a good internet connection – even when we are in Haiti – and are quick to work with you and respond to your needs.

Are You Ready to Start?

Arrange a free kick-off meeting to discuss your needs and decide what plan is the most apropriate for you.

We promise not to upsell products you don’t need. We will help you get what works for you.

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